Clean vs Natural vs Green Skin Care

New Trends for 2020: 

Clean vs Natural vs Green Skin Care


When a brand claims to be ‘clean’ its products are non-toxic and considered safe to use but NOT necessarily Natural or Green. Their focus will be to formulate products using ingredients which are proven to be safe. You’d think producing safe formulas would be a no-brainer, however, you’ll be surprised by the number of products available in the mainstream beauty sector which contains toxic and carcinogenic ingredients. A clean beauty brand strives to formulate products which are not harmful to your health.


A natural brand will source its ingredients from nature. Such brands make use of botanical oils, extracts and butter, natural salts and everything in between (including resins such as frankincense). Truly natural brands will usually strive to be clean, as often they’ll use carefully selected non-toxic natural ingredients (note – not all-natural ingredients are safe!) and having one natural ingredient amid a list of toxic, synthetic ingredients does not make the brand/product natural!


A green beauty brand will focus on sourcing its ingredients and ensuring its business practices are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

In brief summary, you could say:

Natural Beauty – Ingredients sourced from nature.

Green Beauty – Sustainable and environmental responsibility towards the planet.

Clean Beauty – Products containing non-toxic ingredients both natural and/or synthetic.


To Crescent Oaks Skin Care, our products are defined as 80% Plant Based, ethically sourced , and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind. All our testing is performed on ourselves, friends and family. No animal cruelty here!  Though we are not Organic Certified we do our best to make sure that 80% of our ingredients are organic.  

All-natural, organic, and eco-friendly products are more mainstream than ever. But with all the various health-conscious terms out there, finding the items that best suit your needs (and ethics) can get a little confusing. That's especially true when it comes to clean and natural beauty.

While it's easy to assume that "clean" and "natural" mean the same thing, they're actually pretty different.

I will be following up this blog with more information about the differences in the next few days so stay turned!




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