Hydrating or Moisturize ~~ or Both???


Hydrate or Moisturize ~~ What is the difference?

“Hydrating ingredients add water to the skin, as well as help to trap water,” says Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital. “Moisturizing products actually try to improve the skin by decreasing water loss.”  Essentially, dehydrated skin lacks water and needs to be hydrated with hydrating products, while dry skin lacks oil and needs to be moisturized with moisturizing products. Dry skin is actually a skin type while dehydrated skin is something that anyone, no matter their skin type is, can experience.


“Hydration” is about infusing your cells with water to improve your skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients.

“Moisturizing,” on the other hand, is about trapping and sealing in the moisture to build the skin’s natural protective barrier to prevent water loss and to ensure that your skin remains soft and smooth.

Hydrating products ~ When it comes to an ingredient that is hydrating, hyaluronic acid is by far the gold standard. This little molecule packs a punch by holding a thousand times it’s weight in water It is actually found naturally in the human body, but just like collagen, our skin’s supply depletes as we age. When this happens our skin thins, appears dull, and healthy skin cells move much more sluggishly to the surface.  Our skin must be hydrated not only to look good but also to function optimally.

To Hydrate:

  1. Drink plenty of water: Calculate how many glasses a day you should drink by dividing your weight by 20.
  2. Mist your skin: Carry a small bottle of hydrosol with you at all time to mist your face throughout the day. I recommend a hydrosol mist of Aloe with Rose or Lavender water infusions.  Always AVOID any mists that contain ALCOHOL!
  3. Apply Serums Daily: Hydrating serums, especially those that contain Hyaluronic Acid! I do this every morning to keep my skin hydrated all day when I need it most. Never skip this part of your skin care routine and your skin will thank you.

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Moisturizing Products: Moisturizing effectively seals in moisture and builds the skin’s protective barrier.  Preventing water loss ultimately keeps the skin soft and smooth.  Different oils have varying sized molecules that will support the level of moisture your skin needs to rebuild its lipid barrier. Most everyone has a moisturizer that they are using, however is it working for your skin?  If not, this may help in finding one that does. You need to look for a well-balanced formulation for your skin type:

                Oils for Dry skin: Jojoba ~ Argan ~ Avocado ~ Apricot

                Oils for Normal/Sensitive skin: Grapeseed ~ Coconut ~ Sunflower ~ Aloe Vera

                Oils for Oily skin:  Buckthorn ~ Grapeseed ~ Rose Hip Seed ~ Jojoba


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Hydrating and Moisturizing are a very important daily skin care routine! Both keep the water levels in your skin at an optimum for that soft, smooth, natural glowing skin we are all wanting. Two different products working together to achieve the best results for your skin!


Remember Natural Beauty Never Goes Out of Style!!


Deanna King         Crescent Oaks Skin Care

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