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Wednesday 3/26/2019

Plant Based Skin Care

In the past, we didn’t have much of a choice. How many of us truly understood what we were putting on our skin?   Now we have the information and the choice to make more informed decisions for our skin health.

Think plants are just for making your home or office a bit cozier? Think again. Plant-based skin care products can deliver amazing results, thanks in part to the fact that their active ingredients are found in nature. For example, if you’ve ever suffered from a bad sunburn, you may have found relief in a soothing aloe vera gel, or even an aloe vera plant.

Why use plant-based beauty products?

Joe Chappell, professor of plant biochemistry at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, notes that human are just beginning to discover the vast health benefits of our green friends and how they relate to natural skin care practices.

"Somehow in our fast-track lives, we forgot to take advantage of the lessons provided by Mother Nature,” he says. “That is all changing now with the recognition that two-thirds of all currently prescribed drugs can be traced back to natural sources."

"Several well-known medicines were brought to us by plants: foxglove gives us the cardiac muscle stimulant digoxin, and periwinkle offers a source for the widely used chemotherapy drugs vincristine and vinblastine. In fact, there are at least 250,000 species of plants, out of which more than 1,000 have been found to possess significant anticancer properties."

With so many plant species around the globe, it’s fascinating to consider how many plant-based benefits have yet to be discovered. Thankfully, scientists are on the case and new developments are constantly emerging.

How do plant-based skin care products work?

There’s a reason so many cultures consider plants to be sacred. Plant-based products contain active molecules that deliver nutrition, protection, and vitamins. While these nutrients are designed to fuel the plant, humans can take advantage of these ingredients to work their powers on our skin.

As an example, seeds are packed with nutrients because they are equipped with the ingredients required to bring a plant to life. It’s not just seeds that deliver these potent nutrients, though — vital ingredients are also found in roots, berries, flowers, herbs, and tree bark.


What are the benefits of plant-based ingredients?

While each plant-based ingredient has unique benefits, natural products can be used for a variety of skin care concerns. Some uses include calming redness, exfoliating, visibly lightning skin, and boosting antioxidants.

One of the benefits of plant-based ingredients, both in medicine and natural skin care, is that your body automatically knows how to process them. The botanical world is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, and emollients, which are the perfect building blocks for truly effective complexes that deliver powerful benefits. Crescent Oaks products are rich in these vitamins and natural antioxidants, which can help you achieve healthy, luminous, looking skin. 


Natural Is Better: Scientists are now discovering that natural ingredients show health benefits that cannot be replicated synthetically. Consider that more than ever people are turning to holistic medicine and using aromatherapy to relieve allergies and migraines with better results.  Pure, simple, plant based are the oils are skin wants and needs.  Healthy skin is beautiful skin and keeping it simple is best.

Remember “Natural Beauty NEVER goes out of Style!!!!!!”

Cheers !!    Deanna King

Artisan & Owner 

Crescent Oaks Skin Care



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