Skin Care 2022: What people want!

In my personal  research, articles read and speaking with our  clients it seems most are more ingredient focused, looking for products that not only deliver results, but that are safe to use , healthy and overall protective of their skin. 

Results-driven and ingredient-focused - Sustainability -  Better protection

I am also seeing that they understand Quality NOT Quantity is more important.  Consumers have come to realize that the more ingredients you apply,  often do more harm to your skin, and you just aren’t getting the results expected. Clients want products using the BEST ingredients together in a simple more concentrated easy to use routine! 

Over-all Skin health will become the main focus,  as many are wearing less makeup and becoming more aware of our their skin’s condition. Over the last 18 months or so, people are recognizing that our skin is a barometer of internal health and general wellbeing—a radiant, clear complexion is a strong indication that the body is in a healthy state. An increased awareness of mental health issues and the stress and anxiety from lockdowns have also affected many people’s perspectives. Most are now looking after themselves in different ways, with self-care becoming an ever more important part of their regimes.”

I expect to see an overall focus on skin health , skin quality, tone, texture and elevated non-invasive treatments. 

Makeup Routines will have a strong focus on the skin-care steps done before the product application and the trends are moving to more of a minimal make-up look, lighter coverage and celebrating a healthy complexion that leaves you with a healthy Natural Look !

Crescent Oaks has been developing products from the beginning to fill this desire and will continue to do so with great pleasure! 


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