Skin Care Tips for Monday March 25 , 2019

Crescent Oaks Skin Care Tips

Monday 3/25/2019

  1. Avoid using soap or water-based cleansers on your face

The harsh cleansing ingredients in traditional soap brings our more wrinkles and strips the skin of its natural oils, damaging the outer layer of your skin, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to its health and beauty. Using a mild, moisturizing cleanser, oil-based cleanser or beauty bar can help to preserve skin's natural moisture.

  1. Don’t rub, always pat dry & remember to use a CLEAN towel

Proper cleansing brings out toxins and impurities to your skin surface. Rubbing your face dry smears those impurities back into your skin pores. These toxins & impurities cause free radicals that take away the skin's elasticity. So always pat dry and make sure to use a clean towel.

  1. Start with the “inside” not “outside”

Sagging skin & wrinkles form when our inner skin called the "dermis" loses its firmness (structural integrity). Consider serums that penetrate the outer layer of your skin and heal the inner layer first to bring back structural integrity (more on this later).

  1. Check your water supply

Does your skin feel “inflamed” or irritated most days? Check the hardness of your water supply. The heavy metals in your tap water can get trapped in your pores which leads to inflammation and rapid moisture loss which leads to dry, flaky and loose skin. Try softening your water.

  1. Avoid “skin cures” and focus on real skin health

How many skin creams have you tried that promise to "firm" your skin but do nothing? They don’t work because overnight "miracle" skin creams are a myth. In fact, they can make your skin show visible signs of aging faster. There’s only one way to get that soft & firm skin: focus on improving your skin health. Look for anti-aging systems made with true natural ingredients designed to work together to promote real skin health not overnight miracles.

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Hope these tips help you with a new Skin Care Routine

Cheers!!         Deanna King

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