Skin Care Trends for 2020

Skin Care Trends for 2020

Beauty and Skin Care Trends are on the change again in our New Year 2020.  With all the Handmade ( an individual entrepreneur, Artisan, someone who formulates, creates, sales, funds and manages their business),  and Indie companies (a beauty brand or retailer,   simply a business that is independently owned, as in, it does not receive any corporately-backed funding to keep it going and its startup funds come from the shop owner him or herself)  that have popped up in the last few years, the Big Box Manufactures and Corporations have made moves to try and capitalize on this movement.  However buyer beware, read labels and make sure the product you are buying is truly pure , clean and sustainably sourced.  Those are the promises that you get from Individual Artisans.  Because they we smaller and have complete control of our business we resource our own ingredients, create our own formulas, choose our own packaging, etc. to guarantee we are providing our consumer with pure, clean , sustainability resourced skin care products.

Big Box Mfg. and Corps. are always looking at the bottom dollars, therefore shortcuts will always be taken, in the ingredients and quality.  Indie and Handmade are a little more pricy at times and then again many of us do our best to stay within a fair price range.

The New 2020 trend is all about the " Natural Glow"  so go to the products that will best provide that pure clean natural glow, Handmade Skin Care products!

You can find some of the very best at so check us out , give yourself something special, start the new year with an awesome new skin care routine that doesn't break the bank and that will have you glowing all year long!!!


Deanna King

Artisan & CEO     Crescent Oaks Skin Care

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